About Me

Hi, I'm Stephanie Surface.

I graduated from the National Massage Therapy Institute in Falls Church, Va in 2008, received my national certification, then my state license soon after. I moved from Northern Virginia to Eastern Connecticut in 2011 (CT license #7080). I've worked with Chiropractors, Physiatrists, and Mental Health Professionals to help clients achieve their rehabilitative goals. Through my years of practice, I have come to recognize the many ways in which massage therapy can be beneficial to anyone and everyone. 

Pain management programs

Stress Reduction





Structural and Postural Issues


Anxiety and Depression


Author of "Intelligence in the Flesh," Guy Claxton views the human body as "A massive, seething, streaming collection of interconnected communication systems that bind the muscles, the stomach, the heart, the senses and the brain so tightly together that no part - especially the brain - can be seen as functionally separate from, or senior to, any other part." 

I happen to agree. :)